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State Capital Stuttgart


Studying in Stuttgart

Baden-Württemberg’s universities can hold their heads high: in the whole of Germany, no other region offers such a wide choice of universities. We would be delighted if you come to study in Stuttgart! However, before you pack your bags to come and study here there are lots of questions to be answered.

The University of Stuttgart has two locations: The Vaihingen campus can be seen here.

Baden-Württemberg offers all kinds of education establishments to meet the professional development needs of students. On the website of the  Baden-Württemberg Studyguide (opens in a new tab) and the  German Academic Exchange Service (opens in a new tab)there are lots of tips about studying in Germany: from the recognition of school and academic qualifications, applying for a visa and arranging health insurance through to student jobs and internships.

Universities in Stuttgart

Stuttgart has a long tradition as a place of higher learning. Three of its universities were founded in the first half of the 19th century.

Education and research are a top priority in Stuttgart. A wide range of state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities ensure that Stuttgart maintains its leading position, which is globally recognised.

Systematic research is carried out at the universities and, at the same time, they offer a wide spectrum of study programmes. Together, Stuttgart and the region are establishing one of Europe’s strongest research sites with the highest concentration of scientific institutions in Germany. 

A unique feature of Stuttgart: high-tech and practical studies go hand in hand here with a cooperative partnership with business. They have close contacts to large and medium-sized industrial and business companies.

International Office of the university

The most important facility for international students is the international office. It can be found at all institutions of higher education which offer foreign study programs and admit foreign students. International offices provide foreign students with a broad spectrum of information from accommodation possibilities to the documents you will need for admission and study.

When planning your studies in Stuttgart you should contact the International Office of the university you have chosen – by e-mail or telephone. You can check the application process and admission requirements there before you start your studies.

Student accommodation

An inexpensive option is a room in a student hall of residence. The rooms are arranged by the student services organisation and are very much in demand. Therefore, you should submit your application as early as possible. There are approximately 6500 places. The residences are mostly located close to the university. You can find the student hall of residences on this website:  Student Services organisation (opens in a new tab)

An alternative is a room in shared accommodation. You can look for available rooms on various online portals. An overview of Accommodation in Stuttgart is available on this webpage:  www.facebook.com/Study.in.Germany (opens in a new tab)

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