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State Capital Stuttgart


Smart City Stuttgart

The development of intelligently networked cities, so-called smart cities, have been the defining model of global urban development processes for several years. But what constitutes a digital and intelligent city of the future?

Graphic on the Smart City Stuttgart

"Smart City" refers to a strategic and ongoing process that aims to make living together in a city sustainable and efficient in the future. Smart infrastructures offer us added value, make daily life easier in a variety of ways and ultimately improve the quality of life.

Smart City Index 2022 - Stuttgart leads the way in digitization

It is about the intelligent networking of municipal infrastructures with the aim of achieving high energy and resource efficiency. In addition, the diversity of constantly evolving information and communication technologies should enhance the quality of life locally.

Cities that want to shape the future must make local life and work intelligent, networked and effortless for their citizens, their guests, their business community and their own administration. They have to be smart.

In the Smart City Index 2022 published by Bitkom, Stuttgart climbs to fifth place. This makes Stuttgart one of the best major cities in Germany in terms of digitization.

Smart projects of the state capital Stuttgart

Stuttgart is already a “smart city” in many respects. Because a city is smart when it systematically tries to achieve sustainability goals with the help of new technologies.

Environment, Energy and Climate

Measures to reduce the consumption of energy and resources.


Sustainable and emission-free mobility.


With the action plan “Development Concept for Economic Areas in Stuttgart”, a plan was presented that already contains a large number of individual measures in the field of economy.


The services of the administration are made more demand-oriented, innovative, transparent and convenient at the same time for the citizens and businesses.

Infrastructure and Supply/Disposal

Smart, digital technologies optimise the planning and construction, control and operation of urban infrastructures and municipal supply and disposal services.

Society and Culture

Digital participation offerings reach new target groups and provide transparent information about planning procedures and political decision-making processes.


Data-based analyses and simulations enable the various institutions to prepare effectively for crisis situations.

Social Affairs and Health

Digital services of the city administration, such as online counselling, can reduce the effort for citizens in the future.

Urban Planning and Housing

In a smart city, data-based models and simulations support urban planning and facilitate demand-oriented land use.


Joint educational offers with science and business promote the culture of innovation in all age groups.


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