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State Capital Stuttgart


Sustainable mobility

The need for mobility is a very important topic in Stuttgart that is widely discussed by the citizens. The core issue is how new and alternative mobility concepts can sustainably improve the quality of life in the State Capital. In the end, this means: less noise, less congestion, less stress and fewer air pollutants.

Public transport in Stuttgart: rail past the traffic jam.

Action plan with 100 concrete measures

The basis of this is the action plan “Sustainable mobility in Stuttgart”, divided into nine fields, which was presented by the Mayor and approved by the municipal council. The fields of action include local public transport, motorised individual transport, walking or cycling, commercial transport, commuter traffic, as well as intermodality and networking. The strategy of the action plan has been drawn up for the longer term and combines instruments of urban planning with traffic planning, traffic management and infrastructure policy.

An important approach, for instance, is to reduce car traffic in the valley basin by 20 percent. This means: how can car traffic be avoided, re-directed and controlled and designed in future in an environmentally friendly way? This is not a question of pro or contra car, but rather how well networked mobility can be established and organised. After all, traffic development nowadays is much more than dividing traffic into cars, trams, buses, cyclists and pedestrians.  

Therefore, urban traffic of the future must be considered in a related context. How can we find a sensible combination for the various means of transport? How environmentally friendly are the mobility offers? How does transport affect urban design and its quality of life?  The aim is to provide the Stuttgart residents with customised mobility offers – these should be comfortable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. To this end, the action plan “Sustainable mobility in Stuttgart” contains more than 100 concrete measures which will be implemented in the short or medium term.

Small selection of measures

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