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60 years St. Louis

A long-distance relationship that lasts for decades: This year the state capital Stuttgart celebrates 60 years of partnership with the US city of St. Louis (Missouri). Celebrate with us and learn more about the ties between the two cities on the Mississippi and Neckar.

The landmark of the US city of St. Louis is the 192 meter high Gateway Arch on the banks of the Mississippi. This year the city of Stuttgart is celebrating 60 years of twinning with the US city.

On March 11, 1960, a group of active and internationally thinking people got together at the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations at Charlottenplatz 4 in Stuttgart and set up a partnership association for cooperation with St. Louis.

Previous to this, there had been a similar formation in St. Louis and meetings in the course of 1959, bringing forward an organizing committee, “The Thousand Citizens” to promote the envisaged town-twinning with Stuttgart. However, the shared history had begun a few years earlier.

Stuttgart is our oldest sister city and numbers among our strongest sister city relationships.”

Lyda Krewson, Mayor, City of St. Louis

Live partnership actively

In Stuttgart, the cooperation with St. Louis is organized and molded by a large number of associations, organizations and active individual persons, who get advice and financial support from the city’s International Relations Department.

The partnership association St. Louis Stuttgart Sister Cities (SLSSC)

In St. Louis, the town-twinning relations are among the tasks of the “World Trade Center St. Louis” (WTC St. Louis). There are civil society associations for each of the 16 twin towns of St. Louis, which are responsible for maintaining, shaping and supporting partnership contacts and connections and are supervised by the WTC St. Louis. From the very beginning “St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities Inc.” – SLSSC has been a good, reliable, original partner and co-architect for Stuttgart.

SLSSC is run by volunteer members who often have a personal link to Germany and want to make a contribution to international understanding and cultural exchange. What is most important to the SLSSC is that these connections also lead to life-long friendships, for instance by placing exchange partners with host families, where they can gain an insight into everyday life and the culture of another country.

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