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State Capital Stuttgart


International Relations

Learning from each other, sharing experiences and living through things together – town twinnings boost specialised and cultural exchange. Stuttgart is one of the pioneers of the partnership idea: the first town twinning with St Helens in England was in 1948.

The city of Stuttgart is committed to ensuring that the European idea is lived collectively. An important component of this is the exchange at international level.

Ten partnerships on four continents

The partnership in England was followed by alliances with towns in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the United States, India and North Africa. The State Capital now has ten partnerships on four continents. The twin towns are: Brno, Cardiff, Cairo, Lodz, Menzel Bourguiba, Mumbai, Samara, St Helens, St. Louis (Missouri) and Strasbourg. 

Stuttgart’s town twinning brings people together, promotes understanding and tolerance, reduces prejudices and is a cornerstone of the European unification and a worldwide coming-together. 

These partnerships are only possible thanks to people who are prepared to open up their hearts and homes. This involvement and a wonderful network ensure the international partnerships in Stuttgart are very lively.

Make use of these contacts

The citizens of Stuttgart can benefit from the European and global network of the State Capital in various sectors and become involved. This is how town twinning actually works.

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